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Aloe Vera Juice 500 ml

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TONA Aloe Vera juice is a nutritious super juice, whose regular consumption maintains body alkaline level, eases constipation, improves liver function, skin and metabolism and reduces heartburn.

Dehydrated Kulekhara Leaves 30g

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Hygrophila spinose (Kulekhara) is one of the best antidotes to cure the iron deficiency and also used to cure diarrhoea, inflammation, pain abdominal disorders and anaemia.

Vinegar for healthy Body and Mind 500ml

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Sugarcane vinegar infused with Gynura, Brahmi, Kalmegh, Kulekhara, Lajjabati, Mint, Tulsi, Pudina, Olotkambal, Papaya, Lemongrass, Neem, Nishinda and Kurchi during fermentation for health body and mind.