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What do we do?

Our initiatives towards Sustained Future

Tona Model of Organic Farming

Organic Farming aims at attaining a non-toxic, sustainable and profitable model of farming .

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Healthcare measures must be proactive and the right food plays a major role in this mission.

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Our Background

Who are we?

Our Background

Started in 2003, Bio Diverse Farming Pvt. Ltd. is on a “Safe Food” mission, out of our primary farm at the Tona village in the Lauhati-Rajarhat area, which is just 20 km away from Kolkata International Airport. Our mission is to produce organic food at affordable prices to our customers with the help of committed farmers, who are engaged in ethical and earth-friendly farming practices with our intervention.

Tona Organic Farm is one of the top 28 internationally acclaimed innovative organizations. We, at Tona, are building the future of sustainable agriculture and food safety. We are committed to our people, partners and planet. A holistic food safety perspective can unlock opportunities of growth and help experiencing a healthier life.

What do we offer?

Our Products and Services

Tona Organic
Training and Consultancy

Enabling agro-enthusiasts
to build their own farms
and become agripreneurs.

Tona Organic
Farm Visit

Come visit and stay in our
farms; Live amidst the nature,
live inspired by nature.

Tona Organic

Safe Food enable us to meet our physiological and psychological
well-being goals . Shop Now!

Why Choose Us

Our Commitment to our Nature, People and Society


We have been researching on sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices for past 18 years. We aim to rediscover ancient, lost farming methods and infusing it with modern science and methods like Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Vertical Farming and Organic Animal Rearing.

Our efforts helped in achieving 70% of Tona village produces being chemical-free under the supervision of expert scientists and 100% Bio-waste recycling to create a sustainable ecosystem in our village with zero GHG emissions.

People and Society​

We aim at producing safe and organic food at an affordable price. Tona Organics is run by the farmers who are partners and producers. Their families are also our employees for each and every department. This helps in generating employment and also creates entrepreneurial opportunities, making village life sustainable and prosperous in the process.

Creating an example of how an industry can be developed without destroying the lives of farming communities and preserving the bounty of Mother Earth.


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